// songwriter


Gary D. Gaddy is a writer, previously a statistician, before that the managing editor of a sociology journal and before that a college professor, but his favorite job was working as a house painter. Gary is married to Sandra Herring.  He writes lots of song words and a few song notes.


// lead singer, mandolin


Ebeth Scott-Sinclair, a visual artist, poet and singer/songwriter, joined the band as lead singer. She and Jay began writing songs together years before the band formed and are now collaborating together on many originals.


// bass, dobro, vocals


Mike Paris is a multi-instrumentalist who joined Up Cane Creek in 2015. He is the primary upright bass player who also provides some dobro, guitar, and vocals. Mike occasionally indulges in solo performances as a singer / songwriter.  He hopes to continue playing with Up Cane Creek deep into his “golden” years. 


//banjo, vocals, bass


Sandra Herring is an attorney with graduate degrees in mathematics and computer science. She is the proud owner and player of a Stelling Bellflower, a Gibson Mastertone and Deering Goodtime banjo. She composes almost all the banjo solos and sings harmonies.



// guitar, lead vocals, mandolin


Jay Miller, former owner of the Music Loft retail stores, has been playing a variety of music for forty years. He plays guitar, keyboards, tenor sax, flute and mandolin, provides lead and backup vocals, and is a prolific songwriter. Up Cane Creek is one of several bands in which he shares his talents. He is married to lead singer Ebeth Scott-Sinclair.

Up Cane Creek brings its eclectic mix of bluegrass, traditional music, and original songs to events around the Triangle and beyond.


Picture several friends who happen to be musicians, singers and songwriters.  Add an impromptu living room jam that sparked a weekly commitment to play music because it was fun.  Throw in an invitation to perform in front of an audience.  “Well, guess we’re a band.”  Ten years after making it official, Up Cane Creek has performed at festivals, civic events, fundraisers, parties, and more in North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.  Their enjoyment playing together is infectious, setting toes to tapp’in and voices a-humm’in.  

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